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Simplifying the process in Raising Funds for Capital Projects or Businesses, is our hallmark

We are on a quest to help raise Adequate, Cheaper and Long-term funding for capital projects or businesses in Africa

Mpact Lane Consult

We are a strategic management consulting and business development firm in Ghana.  

Our ground-breaking funding solutions philosophy relies on our network of experts in end-to-end capital project development and funding facilitation services.

We collaborate with leading organizations in the financing space to design and deliver bespoke capital project financing solutions tailored to your peculiar needs.

Our partners have years of experience in their respective fields. They include professional financiers, project developers, financial advisory firms, project management professionals, legal firms, bank guarantors, financial engineering agencies etc.


Equity Funding

We have access to local and global investors looking for Capital Projects and Businesses to invest in. A minimum investment of $1million up to $4billion


Project Development

We work with a network of Commercial Projects Development experts to develop and prepare Medium to Large Projects for financing for our clients.


Debt Funding

We partner with local and international Debt Financing Organizations to provide funding for Capital Projects or Businesses. A minimum of $1million up to $4billion

Capital Project or Business Financing

Capital Project or Business financing is our primary focus. We leverage on our strategic global relationships, broad sector knowledge and expertise to arrange flexible funding structure for capital projects or businesses. Designed to maximize economic value and return for our clients and their stakeholders.

We serve you with a wide range of funding facilitation services from project conception to project completion by leveraging on a strong network of accredited finance sources, including hedge funds, institutional investors, investment banks, investment clubs, pension funds, and venture capital firms.

Our Services

We offer a range of services that includes:

Capital Project Development

We assist our clients to develop commercially viable capital projects for private or public sector organization's and institutions. We work on project concept development, feasibility studies or a fully developed project document ready to be used for external fund raising.

Funding Facilitation

We tap into our vas database of funding sources to arrange for equity or debt financing for our clients' capital projects or businesses. We help you understand the entire process and what it takes to get a capital project or business fully funded.

Bank Guarantee

We work with local and international financial institutions to arrange for bank guarantees for interested clients. This service has been designed to be a major solution to most African project financing challenges.


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Project Areas

Our capital project financing facilitation focuses on areas like:

Health, Real estate (housing, hostel & office complex), Industrial park, Mining, Manufacturing/Production, Transportation (land, air, rail or sea), Markets infrastructure, Road, Energy, Commercial agriculture, Education etc.

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